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Praesident - beans 500g

JM 160. Jubiläums Espresso - ganze Bohne 1kg

King Hadhramaut - gemahlen 250g - next generation

King Hadhramaut - gemahlen 250g - next generation

Gesha - ganze Bohne 250g

Gesha high altitude - beans 250g

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Gesha Coffee was first discovered in the highlands of Ethiopia. This coffee variety from the mythical kingdom of Kaffa is famous for its unique taste and aroma profile. 

Gesha Coffee typical grows at extreme altitude of around 5000 feet above sea level on the high mountains slopes, the climate is harsh but the air fresh invigorating, and the plant with its coffee beans grows slowly.

All the taste is concentrated in the beans.

This technologically new packaging is environmentally very friendly. The foil is aluminum free, CO2 neutral, made from renewable materials (vegetable oils, sugar, wood, etc.), and can be recycled. Printing of images and texts contain no heavy metals.