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Jubilee Blend - ground 500g


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Jubilee Blend - ground 500g


Medium-light roast, this premium coffee is a genuine Viennese blend from the best highland coffees of the world.
Central American coffees are blended with coffees from Papua New Guinea to give Jubilee its fine acidity and full-bodied aromatic taste.

Roast: medium
Aroma: beautiful aroma with full taste
Flavor: fine and light acidity

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Oct 11, 2014
Really good coffee. Glad to be able to get this coffee for my family.
Jul 30, 2014
My family has been drinking this particular coffee for the last 50 years. Even though we live nearly 6,000 miles from Vienna now, we don't go a day without it, along with frequent visits to the Chicago Meinl locations (and less frequent ones to Meinl Am Graben).
Jul 16, 2014
nice taste and aroma
Jul 16, 2014
Mike Sun Diego
I tried this one after I finished the Vienna Breakfast Blend, and it is milder in taste, but no less aromatic or satisfying. The caffeine in this coffee doesn't hit you as quick as in the Breakfast Blend, but it still gets you moving. The Breakfast Blend is like jumping on a Lippanzaner. The Jubilee Blend is more of a smooth ride in a Fiaker around the Ring...
Jun 20, 2014
100% Arabica and incredible. I really love drinking this coffee. It's so good I only drink it black. A seemingly well-kept secret...
Jun 18, 2014
I was in a local grocery in Lermoos, Austria picking up essentials for my trip. I was on vacation and picked an average priced coffee blindly off the shelf to try. Little did I know that I would be changed FOREVER! I figured that I would be able to buy at a local German grocery where I live I was wrong, and have been a month without this amazing roast. I have tried 7 different European roasts in this past month and NONE compairs. Finding this website has been a godsend! My first order arrives today and I am unable to describe in words how happy I am. I will be gifting a bag to all friends and family back in the USA, and will be drinking only JUBILAUM MAHLKAFFEE from now on!!!! Keep up your outstanding work and thank you!!!!!
May 24, 2014
We have been having drinking Jubilee Blend Coffee for over 5 years and would not change for any other type...It is very smooth with no after bitter taste like many of the coffee we had tried before...
We feel it is the best coffee in the world...
May 23, 2014
We got hooked on Meinl coffee while living in Vienna, and were thrilled to learn how easy it is to order from Austria. It is rich, full-bodied, toasted just right and the ideal grind for drip coffee -- better than any of the "gourmet" coffees on the local market. It is really "Spitze"!
May 08, 2014
We were introduced to Jubilee Blend by a friend who brought us a gift of the coffee from Vienna. We have been hooked ever since. It is smooth, never acidic and consistently tasty. Now we start every day with Jubilee Blend and that is a very good thing.
Mar 25, 2014
I first picked up a travel tin of your coffee at a duty free shop at the Vienna airport. When I ran out, I realized I really missed it every day when I woke up--it's the only coffee I've found that's so rich yet so smooth. A search of the web brought me to your site and retail store and I've been ordering ever since. That was about 12 years ago and my waking thought each day is STILL "OOOOH! I GET TO HAVE THE COFFEE!!" Can't be without it!
Mar 21, 2014
coffee nut
I used to bring back tons of meinl coffee to California in my suitcase from your Salzburg's so rich and smooth it was worth the space! But now all my delicious coffee needs are met with your online service! Danke!
Mar 10, 2014
We were first introduced to Meinl coffees in Vienna while visiting friends. They took us to different coffee shops and the Meinl Store. Since then we order it regularly.
We live in Florida and nothing here can compare. It is an outstanding coffee.
Feb 13, 2014
Living in the US since end of 1969 missing a good Kaffeehaus I always loaded up my luggage with Meinl coffee a frequent visits. Now, since about year 2000 I am purchasing my daily, badly needed coffee via Meinl's online service. Great service. Coffee of choice is the Jubilee Blend both ground and bean.
I am forever thankful of maintaining a small, but hugely important, taste of home, Vienna.
A place I miss very much,
Servus. You help me not getting too homesick too often.
Feb 05, 2014
Love waking up to this blend. Always well balanced and great taste. I've ordered it for years and can't drink anything else.
Feb 04, 2014
Coffee is always consistent. Great taste. Order it over and over again
Feb 01, 2014
I have been ordering the Jubilee Blend for the last 6 years and I am very happy with the smoothest and taste of it. I will continue to order from Meinl, the very Best.
Jan 14, 2014
in America, most of my friends are addicted to Starbucks. I find the signature burned taste to be terrible.
There is nothing I have found anywhere that compares to this blend. It's smooth and rich, which is a balance that is not easy to achieve. That is why I have it shipped from Vienna to Washington DC every month!
Dec 23, 2013
Ive ordered this blend many many times. It is always consistent and makes a delicious cup of morning coffee. Highly recommend.
Dec 20, 2013
We have been Meinl coffee lovers for many, many years. Our favorite coffee is the Jubilee Blend. We like to entertain our friends for coffee and watch them being delighted by the fragrance and flavor of the coffee we serve. When they ask us about it,. Ha!, it's Viennese coffee from the finest coffee roaster in Vienna! Naturally, we like to be generous and pass a package of coffee for them to take along, and send them a package on special occasions. Our 87 year old aunt who lives in a retirement home in the mid-West is now hooked on Jubilee Blend: We taught her to brew coffee using a 1 cup coffee maker and your pods, and we now have to keep her supplied with the pods she needs for her daily cup. We also gave her a set of Ivory Fez Melange Cups so she can delight her friends in the home with a cup of real Viennese coffee. That has given her Viennese coffee bragging rights!

Needless to say, we were delighted when we found out a few years ago that we can order it on-line and have it shipped to us (we live in the US near Washington, DC). We now have a second home in Berlin, Germany, and can get our coffee there the same way. How delightful! And no, we have no complaints. Things work well for us.

So: keep up the good roasting!

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