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julius meinl ice tea berry temptation

Ice Tea Red Berry Temptation - 99.2g

Ice Tea Mango and Strawberry Cocktail

Ice Tea Exotic Mango and Strawberry - 93.5g

Ice Tea Tropical Fields of Green - 90.7g

Ice Tea Tropical Fields of Green - 90.7g
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Sencha - one of the popular green teas worldwide - is the basis of this whole leaf tea blend. The fresh green tea character harmonizes well with flavors of mango, passion fruit and bergamot oil. Perfect with citrus flavors, grenadine and many floral flavors (e.g. elder flower). Preparation: To make Ice Tea use 15g of tea put the tea into a pot and add 500 ml of boiling water. Steep (Green and black tea: 5 min, fruit infusion: 8 min). Stir from time to time. Pour the tea over a filter or kitchen sieve into a large jar. Add one liter of cold tap water. Enjoy pure or add a syrup, juice, fruit pieces or a spirit. Serve on ice. TEA-QUIRI - Iced Tea Cocktail recipe 220 ml JM TEA on the ROCKS "Tropical Fields of Green" 10 ml sugar syrup 15 ml lemon juice 30 ml white rum Mix the sugar syrup, lemon juice and rum, then add the tea. Pour over ice.