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King Hadhramaut - beans 250g

Gesha high altitude - beans 250g

JM Fine Milk Premium Chocolate 75g/2.6 oz

JM Fine Milk Premium Chocolate 70g/2.5oz

JM Dark Premium Chocolate 70g/2.5oz

Julius Meinl Raspberry Premium Chocolate 75g/2.6 oz
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Julius Meinl Dark Chocolate 70g/2.5oz

Ingredients: Fine dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, coca butter, emulsirier (lecithns from soy), natural vanilla extract).

*May contain traces of nuts, gluten, cereal, egg, milk, and soy.

Carefully manufactured in Austria
Store in a dry and cool place

Eco-friendly cardboard packaging made from grass. CO2 neutral printing, wrapper from cornstarch.