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  2. Coffee Jute Bag- 5 empty sacks
Coffee Jute Bag- 5 pieces empty

Coffee Jute Bag- 5 empty sacks


In stock

Coffee Jute Bag- 5 pieces empty


Eco-friendly and 100% natural jute bags with colorful imprints. Our jute bags are printed with farm and brand names of coffee growers in country of origin like Cafe do Brasil, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Guatemala Antigua and many more. Use your jute bags for decoration purposes like cushions, curtains or as a chic table runner. You can also design your own shopping bag made of jute. Or simply protect your plants by covering them during the winter months or store your favorite fruits and vegetables.

We recommend hand wash in cold water and let your bag completely air dry. Steam press from side without imprint.

Height: 38.58 inches
Width: 27.55 inches

Your jute bag may differ slightly from the one shown in photo due to availability.
These jute bags were used only once for transporting green coffee beans from farms to our roasting plant.

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