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  2. Black Tea Range - 4 x 25 tea bags
Black Tea Sampler - 4 varieties

Black Tea Range - 4 x 25 tea bags


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Black Tea Range - 4 x 25 tea bags


Julius Meinl Black Tea Range - full-bodied taste full of aroma in every cup. This range includes 25 tea bags each:

Assam Indian Blend - high quality second flush black tea from Assam, fine malty taste.
Earl Grey Traditional Blend - black tea enriched with Bergamot aroma, touch of citrus.
Darjeeling Queen's Blend - black tea handpicked in Darjeeling, fine floral aroma, strong amber color.
Ceylon English Breakfast Blend - black tea harvested in Sri Lanka, delicate flavor, coppery color.

Brewing instructions:
Put tea bag into a cup and add freshly boiled water. Steeping time 3-5 minutes.

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