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Danube Delight - whole beans 1kg

Danube Delight - whole beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Sidamo - beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Ethiopia Sidamo - whole beans 1kg

Create Your Personal Coffee Gift - whole beans 1kg

Create Your Personal Gift - Coffee beans

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Personalize your gifts from Julius Meinl by entering your text into the greetings box. Please limit your entry to 40 characters (incl. spaces). Your personal message will be engraved by laser onto your product. Share your feelings and surprise your loved ones with personal messages that come from the heart. Cafe Expert Espresso Gold Espresso Gold differs from other Italian espresso brands. While many Italian brands add Robusta beans to their coffees, Julius Meinl uses Arabica only beans. The coffee beans are sourced from the highlands of East and Central America, some of the best coffee growing regions of the world. The slightly darker roast results in a delicate balance between fruitiness and bitter taste, creating a sophisticated Espresso experience. Roast: medium dark Crema: light brown, long lasting Aroma: delicate Flavor: balanced, full body