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Jubilee Blend - ground 500g


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Jubilee Blend - ground 500g


Medium-light roast, this premium coffee is a genuine Viennese blend from the best highland coffees of the world.
Central American coffees are blended with coffees from Papua New Guinea to give Jubilee its fine acidity and full-bodied aromatic taste.

Roast: medium-light
Aroma: beautiful aroma with full taste
Flavor: fine and light acidity

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May 19, 2016
Mohammad Falahatpisheh
The best
Aug 27, 2014
Peter J Whittick
On my first visit to a famous Wien konditorei I asked the kellnerin what brand of coffee they used. 'Julius Meinl, of course!' she laughed, amazed that I wouldn't know. Since my first sip of Julius Meinl coffee (alongside the usual slice of Sachertorte) there has been only one brand that I buy - and I like the deep smouldering velvet-jolt and aroma of Jubilee Blend, best of all. This coffee has fueled most of my first novel and if Julius Meinl feel a burning need to sponsor its completion, I'll be happy to give them a glowing. dedication. This coffee is literally the concentrated taste of Wien - summers day awe as tourists leave the old golden shade of Peterskirche. It's kids buzzing wild on a day out, buying eis at the Schwedenplatz. And it's me huddled over my notepad in the shelter of a cosy back-strasse kaffee haus in the snowladen January chill. I wish I could buy it more easily (in England), or maybe I should just move to Wien.
Jun 15, 2014
excellent aroma , low acidity ; keeps well in the freezer ( but is this recommended?)

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