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Cafe Expert Breakfast Coffee - ground 1 kg

JM Breakfast Brew Coffee - ground 1 kg

Sidamo whole beans 1kg

Sidamo Ethiopia - whole beans 1kg

Vienna Coffee House Melange - ground 220g

Vienna Coffee House Melange - ground 220g

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A Melange is a classic Viennese specialty coffee which is enjoyed with milk. Its medium roast gives this signature blend a chocolately taste and an intense aroma with a hint of hazelnut.

Founded in 1862, Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world and an iconic Vienna coffee house brand. Dedication to quality has been a family trademark for five generations. That is why our blends offer unrivalled aroma and tatste, allowing you to savour your coffee moments to the fullest. The door to Viennese coffee house culture is open to everyone. We invite you to join us!