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Organic Mountain Herbs - 18 premium leaf tea bags

Organic Mountain Herbs - 20 premium leaf tea bags

Julius Meinl Cafe Latte Glass

Julius Meinl glass mug

Tender Oolong - 20 premium leaf tea bags

Tender Oolong - 20 premium leaf tea bags

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This oolong is a unique treat from the Anxi region of China. Carefully produced with a special method, the tender leaves are lightly fermented and then blended to a creamy flavour. As such, this tea offers a pleasant nuttiness that intertwines with a lingering mellow roundness. - Origin: Fujian Province, China - 20 individually packed tea bags of 2g - Flavoured oolong tea. Ingredients: oolong tea, flavouring. Brewing instructions: Use boiling water for brewing. Infuse the tea bag for 2-4 minutes.