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Julius Meinl Sustainability



We know that many of the 25 million coffee producers worldwide are challenged by difficult labor conditions and poor economic situations. This is why we want to contribute to making the difference. Whenever we have a choice we will always buy organic coffee. We buy more than 85% of our coffees directly from farmers in the country of origin. At regular intervals our buyers and visit the farms and audit the value chain to ensure confirmity to our standards. It is our experience that professional farms, which take good care of their employees and invest in the appropriate equipment, produce the best quality coffee. We believe that growing coffee is a work of art and that every coffee grower should be regarded an artist. Let’s contribute to their recognition by awarding them with the better price and our loyality. We firmly believe that within one generation all coffees will come from purely organic, sustainable sources. We will continue our support of this goal.



We love coffee, which not only satisfies our desire for a beautiful aroma and body but also our demand for ecological production and environmentally friendly packaging.
We use state of the art roasting technology to optimize the roasting result and minimize energy use. We exclusively use natural gas, which has one of the lowest carbon footprints available as a source of energy and produces virtually no emissions. We use state of the art emission control filters to eliminate carbon emissions (our closest neighbor is less than 200 meters from our factory – without our state of the art technology the City of Vienna would not have let us roast in the heart of Vienna).
Julius Meinl is one of the first companies world wide to use coffee packaging that is 100% recyclable. In fact, our packaging and recycling effort reduced our carbon footprint by 480 tons in 2009 and we constantly work to improve on this.
Products are picked and, using natural gas operated fork lifts, then loaded aboard modern trucks operating under controlled low emission standards for shipping to our customers' premises.




Whenever we have a choice we always buy organic coffee. 
Julius Meinl buys over 85% of its coffee directly from farmers in the key coffee growing areas of the world. Our suppliers are audited regularly to ensure strict conformity to our standards. We require all our suppliers to adhere to strict worker friendly employment policies. With 150 years of coffee know-how, we believe only sustainable and environmentally friendly farming, as well as responsible partnership with coffee farmers, can guarantee the supply of top-grade coffee. Organic coffee farming minimizes environmental pollution. It limits the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This protects plants, soil, drinking water, rivers and the delicate ecosystem of the highland areas. Organic farming preserves the existence of local coffee farmers. Further processing at Julius Meinl is guided by strict environmental standards: coffee beans are delivered to stores from organic processing plants.


  •  => Fairtrade Organisation
    Small certificate but great impact. The Fair Trade certificate guarantees importers, roasters and coffee traders pay a set minimum price to coffee farmers. This price lies above the rate currently traded in the global market. Coffee farmers are thereby offered better working and living conditions and brighter perspectives for their future. With this product we contribute to the goals of Fair Trade – guaranteed minimum prices, long-term delivery contracts, direct trade between producer and customer, investments into social and community support projects, as well as environmental protection. It is a first small step but for coffee and people employed in producing coffee it makes a substantial difference.


  • => Rainforest Alliance
    Several Julius Meinl coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified.
    Rainforest Alliance is a non-government organization (NGO) with the aim of working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use, business practices and consumer behaviour.

  • => 4 C Association
    Julius Meinl is a member of the 4C Association which allows us to contibute to a better coffee world. The 4C Association is a global community that works to improve the economic, social and environmental production, processing and trading conditions to everybody who makes a living in the coffee sector.

  • => Kosher Certificates
    Human rights and religious freedom are the foundations of modern day democracy. We have always supported this and are proud of our Kosher certificates. Regular checks at our roasting plant ensure that we comply with all applicable standards. Most of our whole beans and ground coffees are produced according to the guidelines and are considered Kosher for the whole year and also for the days of Passover.