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Atelier - Nicaragua Maragogype AA++


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Atelier - Nicaragua Maragogype AA++

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About Julius Meinl Atelier Collection hand crafted coffees, from Vienna:

When you purchase Atelier Collection hand crafted coffees, you have the choice of either receiving the coffee as green (not roasted) or roasted coffee. If you choose roasted coffee, we will freshly roast your choice on demand. Please note that during roasting process the coffee will lose about 20% of its green coffee weight.

For example, if you buy 400g of Julius Meinl Atelier Collection hand crafted coffee and choose roasted, you will receive approximately 320g of roasted coffee.

About this specialty coffee:
Atelier - Nicaragua Maragogype AA++ are unique for their size. Most beans are well over 16mm in size. This particular coffee variety carries the biggest coffee beans we know of.

The beans are gigantic in size, evenly in color and ideal for decorating food. In the cup, the coffee results nicely balanced and pleasing.

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