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Coffee To Go Cup - 100 x 0.3L

Julius Meinl 1862 Luxury Jumbo Cup

Meinl Trend Melange Cup

Julius Meinl Luxury 1862 Melange Cup

Julius Meinl 1862 Luxury Espresso cup

Julius Meinl Luxury 1862 Espresso cup 85ml
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Matteo Thun has been designing espresso and coffee cups for the Austrian Julius Meinl coffee roaster for some 17 years. He revised the Meinl logo in 2004 and transferred his ideas to the entire range of the Meinl brand ever since. Julius Meinl stands for Viennese coffee house culture and has been regarded as the coffee of the poets since the founding of the company in 1862. Experiencing a Julius Meinl coffee means creating a poetic time-out.
To enjoy this special moment, Matteo Thun has created a cup that captures the 'Kiss of the Muse': black porcelain, with a logo of real gold and an unfinished golden brushstroke. Looking into the cup, seeing the golden founding year with the tradition of Vienna’s Kaffeehaus in your mind’s eye, you are inspired to write a poem.

Wash by hand only

Volume 2.0oz (60ml).
Width cup: 2.36 inches / 6 cm
Height cup: 2.36 inches / 6 cm
Width saucer: 4.72 inches / 12 cm

Crafted by hand.