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French Press - Coffee Maker

JM Mokka Pot Black

President - ground 250g

Orient Coffee - ground 250g

JM Mokka Gift Set - Black

This black Julius Meinl Mokka Pot maker is perfect for preparing your coffee and is ideal for all stove types except induction. Our JM Mokka ground 250g is a fun-loving blend with fruity and floral notes: 100% Arabica beans, degree of grinding perfectly matches the mokka pot.
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JM Mokka Pot:

Height: 14 cm/ 5.51 inches
Diameter: 6,3cm / 2,48 inches

Product Description:

Servings: 3 cups
Material: Food grade aluminum complies with European health regulation EN 601/602 with silicon seal
Maintenance: hand rinse with hot water

Not dishwasher safe!

JM Mokka ground - 250g

Intensity: medium
Acidity: high
Aroma: Blacktea, fruity & floral, Jasmine

Sweetness: sweet
Flavor: fruity
Grind Level: low

About our JM Mokka - ground 250g

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