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Wiener Melange - beans 250g

Wiener Mokka- whole beans- made in Vienna 250g

Wiener Melange - beans 250g

Wiener Espresso - whole beans - made in Vienna 250g

Espresso Giubileo - ground 250g

Espresso Giubileo - ground 250g
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This blend stimulates every Coffee lover‘s taste buds with its defined, intense aroma and very rich, persistent, dark brown crema.

The new 250g packaging is equipped with a pressure relief valve, which allows CO2 gases to be released in a controlled manner and preventing air from entering at the same time. As a result, the packaging does not inflate. 

Long degassing before packaging is therefore no longer necessary, which means that aroma substances are much more likely to be retained. The escaping gas gives the surrounding area a slight aroma of coffee giving a hint to what the coffee will taste like. 

Mokka Pot suggestion:

our JM Mokka Maker Red


our JM Mokka Maker Black

Intensity: 5
Sweetness: 10
Acidity: 8