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  2. King Hadhramaut - ground 250g
King Hadhramaut - ground 250g

King Hadhramaut - ground 250g


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King Hadhramaut - ground 250g


The mystical kingdom of Hadhramaut was once the center of the world’s coffee trade. This fine and fruity blend fit for kings is roasted from Arabica beans grown in the Highlands of Ethiopia and Kenya before being delicately ground.

Roast: medium dark
Aroma: fruity and fine aroma
Flavor: balanced and gentle acidity

Perfect for: Filter Brew, Drip Brew and French Press.
Use: 60 - 80g (2.10oz -2.80oz) ground coffee per 1 liter water.

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Nov 29, 2014
mäßig Säure, ist für mich als Gastritispatienten sehr wichtig, jedoch besticht dieser Kaffee für mich besonders durch seinen besonderen Geschmack, intensiv orientalisch und zugleich aber nicht aufdringlich!
low acid is important to me, caused of troubles with my stomach.
I love this special intense taste, oriental,
Aug 14, 2014
Today's rage for capsule-machine coffees completely perplexes me.

First of all, it's very ecologically unfriendly, and secondly, it is no more convenient than making coffee the old-fashioned way, or using a filter, which is my preferred way.

I just don't understand why you would give up the sensual, not to say almost primordial pleasure of that first rush of aroma from a freshly 'brewed' cup of coffee for that somewhat limp and metallic smell of those capsule machines.

Every time the hot water I pour into the filter opens the bouquet of my personal favorite blend from Meinl-- King Hadhramaut--and my nose is blissfully filled with its aroma, familiar and yet ever new, I come back to the same question: why would anyone choose pre-measured, metallically encapsulated coffee that barely smells of coffee, to boot.

I recommend this blend to anyone who loves 'real' coffee, the 'real' coffee experience, and for whom the first taste of coffee begins with the nose, because the nose knows.

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