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Apricot Rum Preserve - 270g

Meinls Elderflower Gelée- 270g

Fine Cranberry - 480g

Red Currant - finely strained 500g

JM Busy Bees Urban Inner city Premium Organic Honey - 120g

Jm Busy Bees honey jar - 120g
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JM Busy Bees Honey comes from our very own Vienna inner-city urban beehives. Eco-friendly and sustainable, we persuaded a local bee keeper to entice bees from Vienna's twenty three districts to come to the beehives located near our coffee roastery in Vienna's sixteenth district. Our honey is certified organic.

Our honey is high in pollen diversity and pollen count, has won numerous prizes and has a delicate and balanced taste. It is creamy in texture, yellow in color.