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Berry Cocktail - 250g

Ice Tea Tropical Fields of Green - 90.7g

Ice Tea Exotic Mango and Strawberry - 93.5g

Ice Tea Exotic Mango and Strawberry - 93.5g
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A black tea with a gentle character and a sweet and alluring fruity note of mango and strawberry. Perfect refreshment with the taste of sun-kissed ripe fruits. Perfect to combine with lemon/lime, vanilla and almond. Preparation: To make Ice Tea use 15g of tea put the tea into a pot and add 500 ml of boiling water. Steep (Green and black tea: 5 min, fruit infusion: 8 min). Stir from time to time. Pour the tea over a filter or kitchen sieve into a large jar. Add one liter of cold tap water. Enjoy pure or add a syrup, juice, fruit pieces or a spirit. Serve on ice. ISLAND BREEZE - Ice Tea Cocktail recipe (2 glasses) 260 ml JM TEA on the ROCKS "Exotic Mango Strawberry" 260 mg crushed ice 80 ml pineapple juice 75 ml coconut cream 25 ml white rum 10 ml dark rum Place the crushed ice into a blender. Add tea, white and dark rum and pineapple juice. Then add coconut cream and blend until you have a smooth, uniform mixture. Garnish and serve with ice cubes.