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Fine Cranberry - 480g

Red Currant - finely strained 500g

Capsules Lungo Epica - 10 x 5.5g

ESE Grande Espresso - 150 x Pods 6.67g

Fine Cherry- finely strained 500g

Fine Cherry- finely strained with no pulp - 500g
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For Julius Meinl jams, we use the finest, sun-ripened fruits from best growing regions in Europe. These are both carefully selected and harvested as well as processed. Without seeds and fruit pieces. Ingredients: Currant, sugar, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice concentrate. Made from 50g of fruit per 100g. Once opened, keep in a cool place and consume soon. A delicate fruity experience composed of carefully selected Swedish cranberries. 50% fruit content.