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  2. Cafe Expert Espresso Spezial - whole beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Espresso Spezial - whole beans 1kg


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Espresso Spezial Super Premium - whole beans 1kg


We purchase our coffee beans from selected farms from Cerado in Brazil. This region is characterized by a hot climate, adequate precipitation and coffee plants of superior quality.
These premium Arabica coffee beans are low in acidity, delightful in aroma and well-known for their smooth finish.
Espresso Spezial is a strong dry espresso characterized by an intense, fruity aroma as well as a full bodied flavor.

Roast: dark
Crema: nut brown and lasting, marbled
Aroma: intense and pleasant
Flavor: perfectly round, slightly sweet, full body

Add a scope of pistachio ice cream to your espresso and and enjoy this refreshing royal coffee drink.

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Jul 21, 2014
Ten years and counting, When you like something then no amount of half price discounted offers from competing brands is really going to change your mind, Oh Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes benz, a line from a song that I would use to compare Espresso Spezial Super Premium, it is the Mercedes Benz of Coffee Ownership and Taste....
Mar 25, 2014
We have being buying Espresso Spezial Super Premium - beans 1 kg Beans for 10 years now and there is not a day goes by in our boutique artisan café that someone does not compliment us on our choice of house coffee, We cannot change and will not change it as it is hard to beat near perfection. Garvin Burke Coffee On High, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

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