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  2. Cremecaffe Gusto Prezioso - 125g

Cremecaffe Gusto Prezioso - 125g


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Cremecaffe Gusto Prezioso - 125g
39.20€/kg. inkl. 20% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten


Enjoy this Julius Meinl blend of premium Arabica beans and Asian Robusta coffees, carefully selected to suit your Moka coffee maker. The result is an Espresso with a well-balanced flavor. This coffee has a full body and an intense aroma with a lively floral note. A long-lasting taste and a hint of chocolate characterize this blend.

Roast: medium
Aroma: intense aroma, full body
Flavor: floral and light acidity

Recommended preparation:
Fill coffee loosely into your espresso pot, add water and brew with low heat. Stir the coffee and just enjoy.

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