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  2. Crema Espresso Classico - beans 1 kg

Crema Espresso Classico - beans 1 kg


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Crema Espresso Classico - beans 1 kg


This unique coffee blend from Julius combines a selection of premium Arabica beans with Indian Robusta.
The medium dark roast results in a solid brown and long-lasting crema, a unique taste and an intensive espresso experience.

Roast: dark
Aroma: strong, Italian, rich
Flavor: balanced, full-bodied
Crema: solid, brown, long-lasting

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Dec 20, 2013
S-Type Croatia
Excellent coffee.
With good grinder and espresso machine you can get excellent coffee like in your favorite coffee bar. It is very forgiving even for beginners.
Very good with and without milk.
Full-bodied, rich crema and real espresso taste.
Looking forward to order this again!

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