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  2. Cold Brew coffee - ground 210g

Cold Brew coffee - ground 210g


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Cold Brew coffee - ground 210g


210 g of ground coffee for your cold brew coffee enjoyment. The beans have been selected from the leading coffee growing areas in the world – Brazil, Columbia, India and Nicaragua – to give the finished cold coffee drink a full body and elegant sweetness. The coffee beans have been specially ground for use with the cold brew coffee making process. Brewing suggestion: Steep for 12 hours or more in cool water for achieving the best cold brew coffee.

To make your cold brew you need to brew your ground coffee in a cold brew coffee maker.
The following list contains some online recommended options: https://www.homegrounds.co/cold-brew-coffee-maker-reviews-2016/

Please make your choice and order the option most suitable for your needs and don't forget to order enough of our delicious Cold Brew coffee to satisfy your taste.

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