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Crem Caffè Trieste - whole beans 1 kg

Trieste Mornings - whole beans 1 kg

Zumtobel Exquisit - beans 1kg

Zumtobel Exquisit - whole beans 1kg

Zumtobel Decaf - whole beans 500g

Zumtobel Decaf - beans 500g 19.80€/kg
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We use top range, smooth coffees for this blend and roast medium dark to bring out the full flavor of the coffee bean. The caffeine is removed so that the delicate taste and full aroma of the choice Arabica bean blend is preserved. Decaffeinated according to European safety standards. Contains less than 0.08% caffeine. Roast: medium-dark Crema: nut brown, solid Aroma: full aroma