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Espresso Spezial Super Premium - beans 1 kg

Cafe Expert Espresso Spezial - whole beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Sidamo - beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Ethiopia Sidamo - whole beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Decaf - whole beans 1kg

Cafe Expert Decaf - whole beans 1kg
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For this Julius Meinl Espresso blend, we purchase coffee beans from selected growers in Brazil, Honduras, Peru, and India. The Arabica beans are low in acidity, and known for their smooth finish. Medium-light roast and delicate taste, this blend produces a rich and solid crema and is well-known for its wonderful aroma and taste. During roasting and packaging, we make sure the coffee is surrounded by a perfect Espresso environment. This blend is optimized for Espresso machines and is decaffeinated to Austria's strict caffeine limit of 0.08%. Roast: medium-light Crema: light and persistent Aroma: soft, fruity, pleasant aroma Flavor: full body and low acidity