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Vienna Breakfast Blend - ground 500g


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Vienna Breakfast Blend - ground 500g


A medium roast and full-bodied in taste. This blend represents the typical Viennese coffee tradition.
This blend is roasted according to Viennese traditions and is very soft in acidity. Perfect for filter coffee.

Enjoy your Vienna Breakfast coffee as a Toddy Cold Brew to give you an uplift and quench your thirst during the dog days of summer.
Cold Brew coffee has less caffeine and tastes naturally sweeter due to less acidity than regular hot brewed coffee.

Prepare ground coffee with cool, fresh water and allow it to steep for 12-18 hours at room temperature. This long soak results in a thick coffee concentrate with chocolaty and malty flavors. Keep your coffee refrigerated and serve chilled.

Roast: medium roast
Aroma: strong and intensive
Flavor: full bodied, low acidity

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