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Julius Meinl Mini Milk Chocolates - 200 x 4g

JM Mini Milk Chocolates - 30 x 7g

Julius Meinl Drinking Chocolate - 1kg

Julius Meinl Chocolate Powder - 1kg
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Julius Meinl Drinking Chocolate Mix is perfect to be prepared with hot or cold milk, a dollop of whipped cream and topped with chocolate sprinkles or a hint of cinnamon. Enjoy as a delicious hot or cold chocolate drink or use in your favorite cake or ice cream.

This chocolate consists of 80% chocolate and 28.1% cocoa. Julius Meinl chocolate powder contains 2.2 pounds/ 1kg. Recommended preparation: Put chocolate powder into a cup, add hot or cold milk and stir well. For the perfect treat add a dollop of whipped cream to your hot or cold chocolate and decorate with tasty chocolate sprinkles. Ingredients: Fat-reduced cocoa powder, sugar, skim milk powder, salt, dextrose, guar gum, aroma