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  2. Organic China Green Acai - 20 tea bags

Organic China Green Acai - 20 tea bags


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China Green Acai - 20 tea bags


High quality organic tea from Julius Meinl. The freshness of this Chinese organic green tea is perfectly combined with the invigorating taste of the Brasilian Acai berry resulting in an exceptional taste experience and gives a lovely yellow color in the cup.

Big Bag Tea brewing instructions:
Put tea bag into a tea pot and add freshly boiled water. Steeping time 1-3 minutes
Each tea bag contains 3.25g. Perfect for Tea for Two.

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Feb 13, 2014
That is one of best tee ever. In my Patrix BAR vine bar we love to drink it in between of degutacion. Lots of my friend Sommeliers taste it an give him a compliments like to bests wines...great fresh taste and smell with great nature grass flavure, and nice light fruits from some fairytale spaces, nice :)

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