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Wiener Frühstück - Bohne 1kg

Vienna Breakfast - whole beans 1 kg

Capsules Lungo Epica - 10 x 5.5g

Capsules Professional Espresso Forte - 96 x 8.4 g

Capsules Professional Espresso Arabica - 96 x 8.4 g

Capsules Professional Espresso Arabica - 96 x 8.4 g
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A super premium blend of original Brazilian and Central American Arabicas, which result in high aromatic intensity of citrus and tropical fruits such a s bergamot, orange, mango and passion fruit with shades of floral as jasmine and orange blossom. The capsules are compatible with Lavazza Blue® coffee makers. Roast Level: 4 Aroma: aromas of vanilla, sesame, sweet chestnut, roasted cereals and dry fruits (date & fig) Intensity: 6 Acidity: 9 Sweetness:8 Body: 6 Flavor: Fresh blend, effervescent with high aromatic persistent, characterized by the aromas of citrus fruts We've redesigned our Inpresso professional capsules in small, but essential ways for the best coffee taste. By flattening the bottom & increasing the ground coffee in the capsules we've managed to obtain a better and fuller coffee wash that amplifies the coffee aroma in your cup.