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Julius Meinl Valentine's Day Gift Set

Julius Meinl Valentines Gift Set

Julius Meinl Wooden Tea Box

Julius Meinl Wooden Tea Box
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Julius Meinl's elegant wooden tea box, with a white Julius Meinl Logo imprinted on red velvet, contains a rich assortment of our carefully selected Julius Meinl teas. The box is filled with: 10 tea bags Ceylon English Breakfast Blend 10 tea bags Assam Indian Blend 10 tea bags Earl Grey Traditional Blend 10 tea bags Darjeeling Queen's Blend 10 tea bags Fruit Symphony 10 tea bags Wild Strawberry 10 tea bags Apple Black Currant 10 tea bags Wild Cherry 10 tea bags China Green Pure 10 tea bags China Green Jasmin 10 tea bags China Green Lemon Lime 10 bags White Tea Mirabelle Dimensions: Length 32.5 cm/ 12.80 inches Height: 8.5 cm/ 3.46 inches Width: 20 cm/ 7.87 inches