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  5. White Tea Mirabelle - 25 tea bags
White Tea Mirabelle - 25 tea bags

White Tea Mirabelle - 25 tea bags


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White Tea Mirabelle - 25 tea bags


This white tea from Julius Meinl is composed of leaf buds and young leaves of the tea plant resulting in a mild taste. It gives a light yellow color in the cup.

Brewing instructions:
Put tea bag into a cup and add freshly boiled water. Steeping time 5-7 minutes.

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Dec 11, 2013
I LOVE tea! I buy loose leaf tea and am careful to have the water just the right temperature and steep the tea leaves just the right amount of time. So imagine my surprise after tasting the White Tea Mirabelle (Weifser Tee Mirabelle) in the Juilius Meinl shop on Lincoln in Chicago. I was in tea heaven. This tea comes in a tea bag, no less, has a hint of plum flavor and is very mild. It is superb! I bought a box and will buy more.

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