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  2. Ice Tea Traditional Pure Black- 87.9g

Ice Tea Traditional Pure Black- 87.9g


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Ice Tea Traditional Pure Black- 87.9g


A well balanced and flavorsome black tea with character. Brings a clear black tea note perfect over ice. A basis for an endless variety of mixed recipes: juices, syrups, spirits and fresh fruits. Combines well with citrus fruit, exotic and berry flavors.

Preparation: To make Ice Tea use 15g of tea put the tea into a pot and add 500 ml of boiling water. Steep (Green and black tea: 5 min, fruit infusion: 8 min). Stir from time to time. Pour the tea over a filter or kitchen sieve into a large jar. Add one liter of cold tap water. Enjoy pure or add a syrup, juice, fruit pieces or a spirit. Serve on ice.

BLACK FROST - Iced Tea Cocktail recipe
210 ml JM TEA on the ROCKS "Traditional Pure Black"
20 ml tonic water
25 ml gin
10 ml lime syrup
10 ml lemon juice

First mix lime syrup and lemon juice, then add gin and tea. Finally add tonic water and pour over ice.

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