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  5. Manco Capac Poetry Collection Coffee - beans 250g
King Hadhramaut - beans 250g

Manco Capac Poetry Collection Coffee - beans 250g


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Manco Capac Collection Coffee - beans 250g


Manco Cápac was the mystical first ruler of the Incas. According to the legend, he gifted the Peruvian Highland with fertile soils and thus literally lay the ground for first-class coffees. The hand-picked beans are dried in the sun and develop a particularly fruity aroma.

Roast: dark
Aroma: intense
Flavor: fruity

Perfect for: Fully automated coffee machines.

After grinding also suitable for filter/drip coffee or French Press.
Use: 60 - 80g (2.10oz -2.80oz) ground coffee per 1 liter water.

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