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  5. King Hadhramaut - beans 250g

King Hadhramaut - beans 250g


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King Hadhramaut - beans 250g


The mystical kingdom Hadhramaut was once the vivid center of the world’s coffee trade. The finest quality coffees from all over the world were traded here. Highland coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya give this blend a rich and spicy aroma with fruity notes.

Roast: dark
Aroma: fruity and fine aroma
Flavor: balanced and gentle acidity

This coffee is UTZ certified. 100% Arabica beans.

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Aug 15, 2014
We got 4 varieties and this was our favorite, smooth but full bodied flavor.
May 24, 2014
I have been hooked on Julius Meinl coffee ever since I visited Vienna, this is my favorite.

In fact it is so good I only order my coffee from them. I usually get an assortment of different beans just because I like to try all of their stuff but I keep coming back to King Hadhramaut as my favorite every time.
May 13, 2014
We found this coffee when we visited Vienna .
It was coffee revolution to us.
We have been enjoying this coffee every day more than 15 years.
Excellent aroma,! pleasant after taste!
Everybody who has this coffee admires with smiley face.
We ask to send this coffee by air cargo to Japan, it always arrive in 5days. We also appreciate that quick action.
Apr 02, 2014
. I have had the great pleasure of visiting Vienna many times over the past several years.
I always make sure to visit your splendid coffee shop each time. I have been purchasing the King Hadhramaut coffee beans for many years. I consider it to be the best coffee that I have ever encountered during my world travels. I have converted many of my friends to this magnificent brand of coffee. Keep up the good work and I look forward to a future visit to your great country.
Feb 05, 2014
Whenever I make a cup of this coffee, which is everyday, I can't help but ask myself how it has come to pass that so many people have resorted to those Nespresso-type coffee machines.

Where's the aroma? Where's the sensual pleasure of the smell of the coffee as it is being made? Surely convenience can't be more important than this basic pleasure.

It is my understanding that filter coffees are better for one than coffee made by any other method. What heaven, then, to find a filter coffee that is so full-bodied and with real character. It's simply delicious.
A friend introduced me to it, and I've not stopped thanking her for that ever since.
Jan 11, 2014
this coffee has been my favorite for many years. It is perfectly roasted for my taste, and is very rich in flavor.

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