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  4. Cafe Expert Espresso Gold - beans 1 kg

Cafe Expert Espresso Gold - beans 1 kg


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Cafe Expert Espresso Gold - beans 1 kg


Espresso Gold differs from other Italian espresso brands in one way: while many Italian brands add Robusta beans to their coffees, Julius Meinl uses Arabica beans only. The coffee beans are sourced from the highlands of East and Central America, some of the best coffee growing regions of the world. The slightly darker roast results in a perfect balance between acidity and bitter substances, creating a sophisticated espresso experience.

Roast: medium dark
Crema: light brown, long lasting
Aroma: delicate
Flavor: balanced, full body

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Jun 27, 2014
I've been drinking Meinl coffees exclusively since I "discovered" them when I went to Vienna the first time for a legendary new year's eve Fledermaus at the Staatsoper. It was love at first taste! Meinl that is. Espresso as it should be. No burnt taste. Espresso roast without the bitter aftertaste. The Cafe Expert Espresso Gold is new to me and I 'm impressed. It's smooth, aromatic and thoroughly satisfying. I've also "discovered" Meinl coffees are, without apology, the best. All blends have their own merit no matter the price point .
Meinl Espresso Gold... music to my palate!

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