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Cafe Expert Bristol - beans 1 kg


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Cafe Expert Bristol - beans 1 kg


Julius Meinl coffee from selected Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Nicaragua, Salvador and Timor. Blend and roast are ideally synchronized – medium roast and light brown, slightly mottled, velvet crema. It's unique characteristic is that this coffee tastes superb both, with and without milk.

Roast: medium
Crema: light brown, velvety
Aroma: pleasant, delicate
Flavor: balanced, full body

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Apr 06, 2014
David S.
I spent a winter in Wien and of all the coffees, this blend was the most pleasant and distinctive. I brought some home to share and we tried to find something comparable in the US to no avail. That was in 2007. I have been ordering it from Wien about each month ever since. It is always a hit at our dinners and we still look forward to that first cup each morning. We make mochas, melange, or just have it black. I normally combine with Meinl chocolate drink for a mocha. Delicate flavor distinctive of Viennese roasting that a perfect every time - never bitter. Rich and creamy from the espresso machine.
Jan 04, 2014
Café Expert Bristol is an outstanding blend with fantastic aroma, wonderful taste and great crema. Whether I'm using it for regular 'drip', espresso or French press coffee, I always get a great cup. I recommend Café Expert Bristol to my friends and now I recommend it to you.

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