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Capsules Espresso Symphony - 10 x 8g

Capsules Espresso Symphony - 10 x 8g


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Capsules Espresso Symphony - 10 x 8g
Caffitaly format


Coffee CapsulesEnjoy the inspiring espresso of Julius Meinl. Espresso Symphony consists of premium Arabicas from Brazil and Colombia as well as top Robustas from India. Together, the two sorts create an inspiring and delicate coffee masterpiece.

Aroma: flavorful and well-balanced, chocolate-like
Roast: medium
Flavor: low acidity

The Julius Meinl coffee capsules are for use with the Caffitaly system.

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Mar 10, 2014
@Bruce, must be your machine. I have gone through almost 60 of these Symphony espresso capsules, never once had a problem. I make a capuccino and it delivers a rich, smooth flavor!
Mar 02, 2014
I have been getting poor results with this capsule using my CBTL (USA) machine. Always tastes bad,and most times won't poor out of the capsule automatically. Probably my machine. I do however run hot water shots through the system first.

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