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Capsules Cafe Crema Melody - 10 x 8g


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Capsules Cafe Crema Melody - 10 x 8g
Caffitaly format


Coffee CapsulesEnjoy the inspiring espresso of Julius Meinl. Discover the melody of aromas in a medium light coffee with a dense crema, which unfolds into an absolute coffee sensation.

Aroma: flavorful, like a Vienna Melange
Roast: medium
Flavor: fruity

The Julius Meinl coffee capsules are for use with the Caffitaly system.

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Aug 10, 2014
This is so good as a full size quick cup of coffee, and I love it as a "long pull" over ice with a bit of sugar and cream. Mmmm, I am drinking one as I write this.
May 21, 2014
These are our go-to espresso capsules for making iced beverages. Hands down the best on the planet!
Jan 11, 2014
The Meinl capsules offer a great alternative to the Meinl coffee beans.I specifically bought a Caffitaly machine so I can use the European capsules, replacing my Keurig

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