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Instant Drinking Chocolate Mix - 300g

Moro Ciok - Chocolate drink powder - 1kg


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Moro Ciok - Chocolate drink powder - 1kg


This chocolate drink powder from Northern Italy is produced from high quality cocoa powder. Moro Ciok chocolate drink powder contains 32% pure cocoa and is available in a 300g tin with reclosable lid. The powder adds a delicate chocolate taste to your milk.

Recommended preparation:
Put 25g/ 8-10 tea spoons chocolate drink powder into a 120ml cup, add cold or hot milk, stir well and enjoy.
For the perfect treat add a dollop of whipped cream to your hot chocolate and decorate with tasty chocolate sprinkles.

Cocoa powder 32%, sugar, dextrose, salt, aroma.

May contain traces of milk and derivatives thereof.

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