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Julius Meinl History

The Julius Meinl story begins in 1862 when Julius Meinl I. opened his first grocery store, selling spices and green coffee in the center of Vienna. He created coffee blends and was the first to offer freshly roasted coffee for sale. Julius Meinl had found a new market and his innovation saved customers the challenge of roasting the green coffee beans on their kitchen stoves. Selling coffee roasted maintained a constant, reliable quality coffee blend. This innovation was accepted by the Viennese with enthusiasm and brought the young man great success. In 1891 Julius Meinl opened a modern roasting plant on the very site where the retreating Ottoman army had left the green coffee beans over 300 years earlier. Since then 5 generations of the Meinl family have been supplying customers with the world's finest coffees. For more than 150 years Julius Meinl has been Central Europe's leading Coffee Company.



Julius Meinl Logo

Legend claims that coffee originated in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa in 850 AD. Both Arabia and the Coast of East Africa were among the regions owing allegiance to the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Coffee was brought to Vienna in 1683 by a besieging Turkish army.  The Fez, a red head-dress with a tassel, was worn widely in the Turkish lands. When developing the Julius Meinl Logo it seemed appropriate to pay tribute to the Turks. In 1924 the well known Viennese artist Josef Binder designed the coffee boy logo. While the fez represented a tribute to the Turkish Sultan, the angelic boy represented the youth of a new company combined with the history of Vienna. The features of the coffee boy resemble the European Baroque angels that can be found throughout Austria's rich architecture. Our logo has been modernized over the years. The coffee boy with the red fez is now the international trademark of the Julius Meinl Group.


Julius Meinl Values

We value family, our heritage, expertise and coffee house culture. These are the mainstays of our business. As a family company, our actions are defined by entrepreneurial spirit, personal commitment and long-term thinking. We value the history of five generations of the Meinl family, with members playing important roles in the business. Ever since 1862, we have been upholding our brand's heritage. Customers can rely on Julius Meinl to supply coffees with a consistent taste, regardless of any changes in harvests, because our beans are skillfully blended. More than 150 years of experience and know-how influence the coffee process. Our expertise in purchasing, sampling, roasting and packaging proves itself in each cup of Meinl coffee.


Julius Meinl Coffee

Julius Meinl stands for premium coffee quality. Whenever we have a choice we will always buy organic coffee. We buy more than 85% of our coffees directly from farmers in the country of origin. We blend our coffees traditionally from highland Arabica beans grown in the world’s leading coffee growing areas: Central and South America, East-Africa, Ethiopia, India, and Papua New Guinea.

Let our 150 years of experience inspire you and create your own customized coffee by choosing its origins, acidity, body, roasting level and much more.


Julius Meinl Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. A family business is the most original form of sustainability. Decisions are made taking into account long term outcome and value increased for generations to come. The fact that the Meinl family has been in the coffee trade for over 150 years and the 5th generation is active in the company today, shows how seriously we take sustainability. Sustainability is more than just a word at Julius Meinl. We live it, believe it, think it and are convinced it is the only way forward in the future. We strongly believe that today’s welfare and high standard of living must still leave the world as beautiful and as diverse for future generations. We want our children to see the world, its different peoples, animals and nature in all its beauty and diversity.  We at Julius Meinl committed ourselves to make it happen. We are proud to work with partners like the Fairtrade Organisation, Rainforest Alliance, the 4C Association who share our dedication to our environment.