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Cafe Expert Messe Picco - beans 1 kg

Cafe Expert Messe Picco - whole beans 1kg

Wounda Tanzania Gombe - beans 250g

Gesha high altitude - beans 250g

Jane Goodall - Wounda Tanzania Gombe - beans 250g

Wounda Tanzania Gombe - beans 250g
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Jane Goodall is world famous for her work and research with the unknown world of wild chimpanzees of Gombe. One chimpanzee is very special in Jane's life: Wounda, who was rescued by the Sanctuary Tchimpounga (Rep. Congo). Shade-grown coffee from the area around Gombe National Park in Tanzania helps both farmers in the coffee co-op and chimpanzees. Farmers get a fair price for their crop, the tree canopy is maintained, and the wildlife is protected. The forests surrounding Gombe grow some of the best coffee in Tanzania. At 1,400 meters above sea level, the region provides a climate for coffee beans of floral sweetness and tropical freshness. Roast: medium Aroma: fruity and fresh After grinding ideal for filter/drip coffee or French Press. Use: 60 - 80g (2.10oz -2.80oz) ground coffee per 1 liter water.