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Australia Bundja Estate Kangaroo

Atelier - Australia Bundja Estate Kangaroo


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Atelier - Australia Bundja Estate Kangaroo

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About Julius Meinl Atelier Collection hand crafted coffees:
When you purchase Atelier Collection hand crafted coffees, you have the choice of either receiving the coffee as green (not roasted) or roasted coffee.

If you choose roasted coffee, we will freshly roast your choice on demand. Please note that during roasting process the coffee will lose about 20% of its green coffee weight.
For example, if you buy 400g of Julius Meinl Atelier Collection hand crafted coffee and choose roasted, you will receive approximately 320g of roasted coffee.

About this specialty coffee:
The Northern NSW growing region is located about 200 kilometers south of Brisbane, at latitude 28° south, which is almost 1,600 kilometers from the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the most southern coffee growing region in the world, with a unique micro climatic replicating the conditions found in more equatorial coffee growing regions of 1200 meters. It is this exclusive combination of southern latitude, unique micro climate and volcanic soils which provides the perfect conditions for specialty coffee production.

Additionally, cool, cloudy and wet summers provide optimum conditions for bean growth, while mild, cool and clear weather during winter slows the ripening process to allow for a late harvesting in the spring. Coffees from this region generally show higher sugar content in the fruit adding to sweetness in the cup.

This coffee has a very distinctive sweetness with chocolate aroma and well balanced acidity; it is an ideal espresso coffee but with the versatility to be suitable for filter applications.

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